Selasa, 16 November 2010

colorfull in my life

1) The age of my birthday

I am turning 30 next may, 2011. oh-my-god, 30?! time flies so fast! Im going number 3!!!! The real journey hasn’t begun yet? i guess i must be ready now...with my own family, my baby and my lovely husband....start to take challenges, to deal with risks, to make rough decisions, etc. loads of serious stuffs ahead.

2) A place I'd like to travel to 

1) Alpen mountains 
2) Dead sea

Basically, i want to go everywhere on this world...with my beloved and my little angel :-)

3) Favourite Place
hmmm..very favourite place of me!! I like SLEEP
hahahaha....sleep is like a heaven

and..sure me and my husband is like watching movie. Yes, this is the place where we've spent out our time together. Dieng, Malang is our fave place.

ahahaha....I think beauty salon is every girls' friend.

4) Favorite Food
yes, the first and forever...Fruit Salad  I LOVE IT MUCH !!!!!
next, is occasional cheese and another that is so many guramee pesmol ....hmmmm yummiii and goat satay....

4) Favourite thing(s)    Handphone..yach I cant leave it although only for hour and i think now every people need it!
    it's not something "lebay" we say in Indonesia that handphone is the most thing. And this one below is
    my handphone which accompany me everywhere, everymoments and everytime.
High heels, never enough for me. Black, Pink, Brown, White, Chocolate, Blue -  I like all colours.
Is always you can look at me. Litle bit fashionable, makes me look girly and sweet hahahahahah...

and again..this one is every girls friend too.......................!!

5) Favourite color
    White is beautiful...I like this color much.

6) A city where I was born
Pandaan, Pasuruan East Java - Indonesia

7) A city I ever live in
Let me mentioned them Pandaan, Malang (a place where I was met with my beloved one) and place full of love. 

8) A nickname I have
I can’t find suitable pictures. i have some nicknames : ndutz (my lovely called me, especially not because of  I'am fat but some of my body are sexy hehhehe), ririn (almost everyone called me so), mayya (is a famous nickname in cyber world), pocil (my brother usually called me), cipun (close family), mbak (for every people commonly)

9) College Major

CIVIL ENGINEERING. I think the picture clear enough. It is the best picture i can find so far. hehe. anyway, i know nothing about engineering. gosh, maybe it is written to me. i so much hope that in spit of  my very lack engineer’s way of thinking that i have now, i could be a good one someday *nod wisely*.

 10) Name of My love
family, husband and asla and friends. they are the most precious gift i have in my life. they complete my life, i wouldn’t ask for more.

11) A bad habit 
      I can find a good pictures for this. I can keep my money. Much money makes me confuse, what should i 
     do?? what should i buy?? what a good planning?? bla..bla....yach money makes me happy but also sad :-)

12) A hobby
     Sport, Listening  music, travelling, watching movie, sleeping, working, hang out with friends.....
     so many activity I like and I'm not a person which like to be silent and just sit down on the chair anyway.

13) Wishlist
      I wanna be my own home (*_*)

    and absolutely our go anywhere..

     and the most peoples be RICH hahahhahah

14) My favourite songs 
      Sing a Song...I like pop, pop rock, hardcore, alternatif.
      OASIS, Boyzone, SO7, Letto, Ungu, Bonjovi, Ya sudahlah..., Aishiteru (both are the tittle)

Yes..finally my game is over now!



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